Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Transmedia Brandcasting

Read about Netflix and cutting out the middleman here.

I find it fascinating.

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  1. Hold up wait a minute. No one has to get cut out as the revenue generated from Transmedia Brandcasting is indeed new. Creating Revenue Share opportunities so that Advertisers and Customers have experiences which enhance them both through product placement interactivity creates the SHOPPORTUNITY of the Century. Add the Groupon Effect soon to be dominated by Facebook and Google and we have a recipe for the Economic Recovery of the United States when adopted fully. What is so exciting is that there is 50 years of existing Content to Brandcast and Branded Entertainment of the future will have the advantage of monetizing content in the Pre-production phase. And if that were not enough for Independent Producers the revenue that is lost to Piracy will be no more. We are living in exciting times and no one has to get cut out if they play ball.
    So here is the win win win. Customers get a virtually Commercial Free Experience and can Love it, Click it and Buy it. Advertisers get the analytics to support the instant purchase of merchandise and the demographic information to forecast future production and manufacturing. Independent Producers get financed allowing more content for Mark Zuckerberg and his 600 Million Friends and growing.
    To find out how agencies, record labels, magazines, radio stations, cable, satellite, and local affiliate stations to enjoy the potential of this prosperity review my Zintro Profile for a consultation. Jay O’Conner, Chairman & CEO