Sunday, April 4, 2010

New US study indicates preschoolers recognize brands

by: Gary Rusak

A recent US study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin and University of Michigan reveals that young children experience the same marketing pressures as young adults and, in fact, do understand advertising and branding concepts.

In the two-part study, published in Psychology & Marketing the researchers first assessed brand recognition levels in 38 children age three to five. Corporate logos, like Lego and Coca Cola, were presented to children and a series of questions including 'Have you seen this before?' and 'What types of things do they make?' were asked.

The children's recognition rates were as high as 92% for some of the brands. The most commonly recognized brand was McDonald's, followed by other fast food, soda and toy companies. And the study showed children use brand cues to determine what food products will be exciting or which toys will be the most enjoyable.

Allison's Note: McDonald's? Oh no.

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