Friday, November 13, 2009

Nickelodeon and Harris Interactive: The Family GPS

* Looking specifically at the technology and entertainment factors findings include that 82% and 77% of families are watching TV or movies together at home respectively each week. Additionally, 41% of parents and kids are listening to the same music, which really isn't all that surprising for the most part as rock n' roll and country music, for example, have remained strongholds for the music industry for 40+ years now. Gender-wise, 56% of sons 8-21 share the same taste in movies as their dads, and 48% enjoy listening to the same music. Meanwhile 64% of daughters 8-21 share similar tastes in movies as their moms, and 44% share the same sense of fashion and clothing as mom.
* On the importance of being together as a family, 83% of parents said they spend at least some time each week just hanging out and talking with their kid(s); and 86% eat dinner together at least once a week. Additionally, 51% of parents say they worry a lot about spending enough time together as a family, equal to their concern about their own or their family's health (53%) and paying their bills (51%).
* Attitudinally, parents of Boys 2-21 believe the most important value to instill in a son is to be respectful of women (70%), while for daughters the top values include self-sufficiency and independent thinking (66% each). Parents have equal educational expectations for sons and daughter, however, it is a bit more important to parents of girls than those of boys that their kid gets good grades (92% vs. 86%). One of the nicest findings, to me anyhow given that the kid entertainment industry has been stressing cultural tolerance messaging for some time now, is that 88% of kids believe that it's important to learn about different cultures, and 95% of kids value the importance of respecting other cultures.

Source: Cynopsis Kids!

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